Tutoring Montessori Homeschool Connection Educational Consulting Writing Classes

I am offering three types of writing classes, however, I am open to suggestions or modifications based on parent suggestions. Please contact me if you are interested in any of these classes, or have other suggestions of what you would like to see offered.  When contacting me, please let me know in which classes you are interested, the ages and writing experience of your children, and your preference for the frequency of the classes.  I am very flexible and open to your ideas.

As a Montessori teacher I developed my own writing curriculum incorporating the 6 Traits of Writing into the program.  I attended several 6 Traits workshops.  I firmly believe in the importance of developing strong writing skills in children to help them become fluent communicators.  Establishing an early confidence and ease in writing will surely help students in their future educational and professional endeavors. 

Depending on response, I may be able to offer different levels of classes.  The primary level would be geared towards grades 1-3  and those with beginning writing experience, while a secondary level would be more appropriate for grades 4 and up.   

Creative Writing – meets 1-2 times a week for one hour
Creative writing will be based on the 6 traits of writing with a strong emphasis on literary techniques and word choice.  I will introduce concepts through books that exemplify a specific technique and follow up with activities to help students understand and then apply the concept.  The techniques learned are cumulative and continue to be incorporated in future writings.  We discuss peer review techniques and incorporate time for students to share stories and give positive feedback and constructive criticism.  Emphasis is placed on students becoming fluid, creative writers with a strengthened command of literary techniques.  Spelling and mechanics will not be the primary focus.  The goal is to foster a love of natural creative writing.   

Structured Writing – meets 1-2 times a week for one hour
The six traits of writing will again be followed, but in the form of nonfiction research and persuasive papers.  This class will center on developing focused ideas; researching, organizing, and documenting information; and creating a grammatically correct final draft.  Nonfiction books will be utilized to showcase various writing styles.  Peer review will aide students in editing and revising their work.  The goals include developing a firm understanding of: the purpose of research, the organization of nonfiction papers/paragraphs, the process of writing, the importance of documentation and producing a readable, interesting final draft. 

Parent Workshop – 1 meeting 1-2 hour
In this workshop, I would share ideas and resources for developing a writing program for you to use with your children.  The workshop would be a general overview that would allow you individualize your program according to your children's needs.

The pay structure for these classes would follow the Montessori Homeschool Connection pay scale according to class size.