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I offer a Montessori based home school program to complement your home school curriculum.

• I can work with a child
individually or with several children in a group.

Curriculum: I can teach a variety of subjects and will guide your child in only the subjects you would like me to teach. Subject areas include, but are not limited to: grammar, reading, creative writing, math, geometry, history, science, geography, and peace and character education.

Groups: Small groups would provide the opportunity for children to interact and learn with each other in a comfortable setting. While a variety of subjects can be explored, a small group uniquely allows for specific group based activities. These activities include peace and character education, service learning projects, and writing workshops. In addition to content, emphasis will also be placed on the develolpoment of social skills and important life skills such as positive communication, constructive criticism and considering the thoughts and opinions of others.

Schedule: I offer a very flexible schedule. I can meet with children ranging from one half hour to three hours from once to several times a week, depending on your needs.

Rates: My rates vary depending on group size: $25 an hour for an individual student, $20 per hour per child for a small group of 2 children, $15/hour per child for a small group of 3 or more children. Depending of the needs and goals of all parents and children I work with, I can work to group children together if that is desired.