Resume Credentials Letters of Recommendation

Mary initially impressed me with her warmth, kindness and gentle spirit, as well as the genuine enthusiasm she displayed toward the children and for the material she taught.  She was very attentive to the specific needs of each child and displayed a willingness to try new things, depending on a child's needs, abilities or interests.  She always embraced a child where he was in his development, offering a balance of encouragement and challenge.
Abbe Trent
Former Teacher Assistant and Parent

Mary's desire to learn herself was an excellent model for the children to follow.  Often, the children would research a topic of interest to them, and Mary not only would share her knowledge, but she taught the children to find further information themselves, thus setting a strong foundation for the future.  She has been a shining example for [my son] on how to live one's life with grace and peace, and I would be happy to place my son's academic and personal growth in her hands.
Nikki Wood

Mary has been such a blessing to my son who has struggled with focus and memory. What could very well have destroyed my son's confidence and self esteem in another setting, was nurtured and encouraged under the care of Mary. Her compassionate nature allows her to see each child as the individual they are. She focuses on each child's individual gifts and nurtures those very parts of the child's personality, allowing them to blossom in spite of learning challenges. Her relationship with my children has enriched their lives...I feel so blessed to call her my son's teacher.
Chrissy Vagenius

Mary's peaceful and accepting nature are the cornerstone of her teaching approach. I truly believe she cultivates the greatest potential out of her students. Best of all, she includes her nurturing manner to the parents, thus obtaining even more of a positive education outcome.

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